則武 諒(のりたけ りょう)

甲陽音楽学院名古屋校卒業後、ボストンのバークリー音楽大学へ留学。在学中はIan FromanやHal Crook, Bob Gullottiといったニューイングランド地方の著名な教育者/演奏者から音楽的な面に限らず大きな影響を受ける。
同校を首席(Summa Cum Laude)で卒業後、さらにニュージャージーの名門ウィリアムパターソン大学に進学し音楽修士号を取得。同校では日本人としてジャズを演奏することについての論文と、メロディックドラミングに関する論文を作成する。Mulgrew MillerやRich Perryなどに師事。NYを中心に活動したのち2011年9月に活動の拠点を日本に移す。

Ryo Noritake:

Born Nagoya, 1984.
Ryo’s first musical interests were centred around rock, heavy metal, hard rock and punk music, but overtime he came to devote himself to jazz and improvisational music.
After graduating from the Nagoya school of the Koyo Conservatory of Music, Noritake moved abroad to Boston, in 2005 to attend the Berklee College of Music. Whilst in Boston, he met the musician greats, Hal Crook, Ian Froman and Bob Gullotti, who became his mentors and had a profound influence upon both his music and life.
Following his graduation from Berklee with summa cum laude (B.M. 2008), he moved to the New York area to attend the William Paterson University to pursue a Master’s degree in Jazz performance. (M.M. 2011) , learning from the likes of Mulgrew Miller and Rich Perry. After a brief professional career in New York, he moved back to Japan in 2011.
Ryo Noritake’s culturally insightful and unwavering drumming style has earned him a valuable reputation as a drummer, and he currently performs with many musical units.